Predictive maintenance

Make maintenance predictable & less stressful

Predict early signs of machine failure through our IoT sensors, ML/AI models, and cloud software

Predictive Maintenance Analytics

Analyze overall health trends with velocity, acceleration, energy band trending. Order analysis for identifying defects that occur at multiple of the machine running speed like misalignment, unbalance, etc. Analyze spectrum and waveform data using techniques like demodulation and enveloping to identify bearing, gear and other high-frequency defects.

Machine Health Alerts

Smart alerts over email and mobile to keep your maintenance team informed. Threshold alerts on overall measurements (e.g. velocity) can be configured based on your machine-specific requirements. Our platform also comes with a machine learning-powered alerts engine that provides actionable alerts based on risk, fault category and anomaly.

24×7 Machine Health Monitoring

Our platform acquires machine health data continuously and autonomously from sensors installed on your machine. Data like vibration, acoustics, temperature, etc that provide insights into the machine’s health. Access asset health data from anywhere on the web or mobile app. A truly digital transformation for the smart factory of today.

Learn the Benefits

Benefits of ML driven Predictive Maintenance

Agively’s platform makes Predictive Maintenance (PdM) affordable and even more powerful


Collect asset predictive maintenance data without human intervention and error, 24 x 7


Access your machine’s health and diagnostic data from anywhere using a mobile phone


Designed to get the work done cost effectively. Reduce inventory carrying costs for spares and overall maintenance by up to 30%


The platform assists in identifying machines that need attention. The advance analytical tools can help you do a root cause analysis and support your decisions.

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Questions and answers


What is predictive maintenance ?

Predictive maintenance (PdM) is maintenance that measures the performance and condition of equipment of in-service equipment during normal operation to identify any faults developing. It provides cost savings and better reliability over routine or time-based preventive maintenance.


Where should i use it ?

For assets whose failures modes increases with the condition of operation and can be prevented with monitoring/measurements e.g. rotating and reciprocating. Also, for assets whose failures modes are identifiable and controllable e.g. aircraft engines , large turbines. Can also be used for assets whose failures modes increases with time or use and can be prevented with regular maintenance e.g. valves


Choose a new and better way to maintenance. Brake unexpected breakdowns

4 Bn

Worldwide machine downtime losses in uSD yearly


reduction in maintenance costs with our platform


reduction in unexpected failure


reduction in spare part inventory